Aspen Carpet Designs Survey

This survey of 8 questions is to help us focus our business to meet your needs. We respect your privacy and will not contact you, sell, or lease any information from your completing this survey.

1. What style rug design brought you to our website today?

If "Other", what style?

2. Did you find the website easy to navigate?

3. Were you able to find our pricing in the FAQ/Pricing page?

4. If you chose not to order a rug today, was pricing a factor in your decision?

If "Yes", how so?

5. What price would you pay for a rug with 100% wool fibers?
I would be willing to pay for a wool rug in this size:

6. Does the ability to change your design, or choose your colors and size add value to your rug buying decision?

7. What would it take for you to order a rug from Aspen Carpet Designs in the future?

8. Please add any comments, suggestions, or questions you have about our Prairie School and Usonian custom rug designs at Aspen Carpet Designs.

If you would like us to contact you, please enter your email address here: Optional

Thank-you for completing our survey. Your response will help us determine how to adjust our product and services to best meet our client's needs. Please press the Submit button below to send your results to us.

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