Aspen Carpet Designs Beach House Rug Survey

This survey is to help decide if we should create and carry a full line of Beach House style cotton rugs. We respect your privacy and will not contact you, sell, or lease any information from your completing this survey.

1. Do you prefer the stripes running the length (long side) or the width (short side)? They currently run the width and would be more expensive to have woven the length.

2. Would you be interested in this striped design in a wool or rayon chenille flatweave? Price is higher for these other fibers.

3. What size rug would you be interested in buying?

4. Since we are not a mass merchandiser - we order in smaller quantities, but we try to make our prices competitive. Here are some prices we would have to charge which would INCLUDE ground shipping. 6'x9'=$364.50 8'x10'=$540.00 9'x12'=$729.00 10'x14'=$945.00 Would you purchase at these prices?

5. What other colors would you like to see? Please add any comments, suggestions, or questions you have.

If you would like us to contact you, please enter your email address here: Optional

Thank-you for completing our survey. Your response will help us determine how to adjust our product and services to best meet our client's needs. Please press the Submit button below to send your results to us.

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