Ordering a Custom Rug

Sorry – Beach House striped cotton rugs can not be custom ordered.

If you choose to order a custom hand-knotted area rug using one of our standard designs or have us create a new rug design for you, contact us by email or by voice at (815) 277-1190. For a brief example of the order process click here.

Order your Custom Rug Sample Package here!

This is the $25.00 deposit for the Aspen Carpet Designs custom rug sample package. You will receive finished rug samples and our standard wool color palette with over 90 wool on cards to choose for your custom hand-knotted area rug. All samples must be returned intact for your $25.00 refund. Any sample package NOT returned intact in 60 days from receipt will result in an additional $100.00 being charged to your credit card as a purchase. We have had problems with non-returns and $25 does not cover the cost of the samples. Thank-you.

Price: $ 25.00 Quantity:

When you contact us, let us know:

• Design Name(if one of our standard designs)

•Type of rug construction – Hand-knotted knot count (80, 100, 150)

•Size of Rug

•Number of rugs

•Where the rug will be used

•Any questions you may have

We’ll respond either via voice or email. Don’t be shy in asking any questions. Once you’ve decided on a design(s) we can begin choosing colors. This process involves sending Aspen Carpet Designs a deposit check for $25.00. We’ll send you a color sample book and line drawings of the rug designs you desire.

If you wish us to create a custom design based on an art glass window in your home or other motif, we ask for a $125.00 design fee. We can tweak the design until you are happy with the final result. The fee will then be applied to the purchase price of your rug(s). If you choose not to order a rug, we will retain the design fee for our time/labor costs to create the custom design.

Choose your colors by writing the color number and indicating on the line drawing where the color is to be used.

If you would like a custom color ($1 per square foot per color), then indicate where you would like that color in the design and include a color sample (that cannot be returned) when you send the color sample book and line drawings.

If you choose to not purchase a rug, we will refund your $25 deposit when the sample book is returned.

Once we have the drawing with color choices, we will create a color version of the design using your color placements. We will send via email or regular mail your color rug design.

Upon your approval, we ask for a 50% deposit (applying the $25 sample book deposit) and the rug is put into the production schedule.

We will keep you informed of any updates as the delivery date draws near.

The completed rug is inspected by Aspen Carpet Designs and then sent/delivered to your address. Upon delivery, you will pay the remaining balance.

Watch a short video of our custom area rug order process

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