Frequently Asked Questions / Pricing

How much are your rugs?

  • We offer a discount on multiple rug orders (more than 3 rugs) and also have consideration to the trade.

Hand-Knotted Wool Rugs

  • The most popular custom rug construction is hand-knotted rugs which are available in 80 knots-per-inch (kpi), 100 kpi, and 150 kpi. 100% New Zealand wool, synthetic color dyes, and double hard washing (for antique look) are available. Wool binding. Custom color dyes are $1 per square foot per color. (kpi = knots per inch)  Silk fibers are also available to create stunning wool/silk rugs.
  • 80 kpi = $55 /sq. ft.
    100 kpi = $65 /sq. ft.
    150 kpi = $80 /sq. ft.
  • Plus shipping to your location from Chicago.

Can you do any design style for a custom rug or are we limited to your designs?

  • We are proud to create a rug in ANY style design you desire. We have made rugs in all design styles since 1994 and although we have our niches, we are happy to create a design of your choice. Send us your drawing of a rug design you created or ask for a traditional rug design made to your custom size, shape and color specifications. Please call or email for information.

Do you offer contract prices for commercial buildings and pricing for the trades?

  • We do offer contract and trade pricing to qualified clients. We have designed beautiful rugs that enhance bank lobbies, professional offices, airports, and hotels. Please call or email for information.

Can I choose my own colors?

  • We have a standard color palette, but you can choose custom colors. Most custom colors are an additional $1 per square foot per color.

Do your rugs meet ADA standards?

  • Our hand-knotted rugs meet the pile height restrictions of the American with Disabilites Act. The pile height of the hand-knotted rugs are 1/2″ or less. Many businesses use our hand-knotted rugs for their lobbies, offices, and conference rooms. Hand-knotted rugs hold up best to commercial foot traffic.

Do you have rugs in stock?

  • From time-to-time we have rugs in stock.

How long does it take for a custom rug to be made to my size and color specifications?

  • In general, about 18-22 weeks is the current turnaround time for all rugs. Please ask when you order.

Can I get an exact (famous American architect name) rug design made?

  • Yes, but only if you have secured a license from the architect’s Foundation (We can not use his trademarked name on our website) to have the rug made. The famous American architect’s Foundation owns the copyright to most of his original designs. We cannot reproduce original rug designs on our own. If you are the owner of an original architect designed house and you have the original designs, then you can have art glass, rugs, and furniture made for your home.

What about other Prairie architect designs?

  • Other Prairie architects – George Elmslie, Walter Burley Griffin, Marion Mahony Griffin, and interior architect George Mann Niedecken and others all had some rug and textile designs that can be used for inspiration. Our designs are inspired from art glass, rug and textile designs.

Can I have a rug designed for my Modern Prairie style home?

  • Absolutely! Is there a design motif for your home? Art glass window? We will create a design just for you. If you wish us to create a custom design based on an art glass window in your home or other motif, we ask for a $125.00 design fee. We can tweak the design until you are happy with the final result. The fee will then be applied to the purchase price of your rug(s). If you choose not to order a rug, we will retain the design fee for our time/labor costs to create the custom design.

Do your rugs have a stain-resistant treatment applied?

  • Wool is naturally stain-resistant. We do not have a stain-resistant agent applied. If you wish, you can have a local carpet cleaner apply a stain-resistant treatment.

Do you have a catalog of your designs?

  • Sorry, we do not have a catalog of designs. We create new designs all the time. Being a custom rug studio, we alter our designs so a catalog at this time is not feasible. There are many pictures of completed rugs on our website. Please feel free to browse the site.

Do you have a store?

  • At present we do not have a brick and mortar store. We can offer small samples of the rugs via mail, or in-home appointments if your home is in the Chicago, IL area.

I would like one of your designs modified. Is that possible?

  • Sure. If you look through the website, you’ll see a few examples of rugs that have been modified by the client.

I prefer brighter colors than the original Prairie style colors. Is that possible?

  • Yes, you can have brighter colors if you so choose. All our color drawings on the website are just suggestions. We do recommend that if you own an original Prairie/Usonian house that you try to use the original color scheme.

What is the order process?

Are your rugs made with child labor?

  • Absolutely not! We do have an overseas rug partners in India and Nepal to make wool rugs. They are all members of Rugmark International. Goodweave (Rugmark) International is an organization that prepares and enforces codes against child labor, slave labor wages, etc. The members of the organization are subject to scheduled and surprise inspections. It is important to Aspen Carpet Designs that our partners adhere to the Goodweave standards in turning our exclusive designs into rugs.

Do you take credit cards as payment?

  • Yes, we accept credit cards for deposits and payments. We can also accept Paypal for our Ebay and in-stock rug purchases. Personal checks and money orders are also accepted.
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